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New EPG for Sky HD boxes rolls  out in 2014

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Sky On Demand allows any home with the right Sky HD box to access a wide range of content from Sky’s programme library and download it to their set top box over their broadband connection. The fact that material is downloaded to the box, rather than watched over the internet, means people with slower broadband connections can still enjoy the service - as well as those with faster connections.

You can download anything in the Sky On Demand catalogue but can only watch content for which you have a subscription. Programmes in HD will require an HD subscription; movies will require a movie subscription;  sports, a sports subscription etc.

Any content downloaded will count against your download or usage allowance with your broadband service, so do remember to keep an eye on the usage as it can eat into your monthly download limit.

The Catch Up services, BBC iPlayer and ITV player, are now also available on On Demand. This alone, makes upgrading to a compatible HD box worth considering - particularly if you have a modern TV with an HD input that you are not using to its fullest potential. The BBC iPlayer allows you to watch programs from all the BBC channels for the last seven days and sometimes further back than that.

The Sky On Demand service is free, and simply requires your Sky HD box to be connected to your broadband router by a standard network cable. If it is difficult to reach with a cable you can use a HomePlug device. Wireless connectors are available for the most difficult of installations but we strongly recommend a wired connection wherever possible.  Once connected, the service is activated via your user profile on Sky’s website or by calling Sky customer services. 

Unfortunately, the On Demand service does not work with the HD boxes made by the manufacturer Thomson - which was the most common brand. It isn’t a fault with the boxes, Sky have made it that way for their own reasons. So if you have a Thomson box, you will need to upgrade to a different make in order to get On Demand.

You can buy everything needed to upgrade to a (non-Thomson) Sky HD box and get set up for On Demand from us. Simply call us on 08455 191121 and we will be happy to arrange it all for you.

Sky On Demand and Catch Up TV