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There is currently a problem with most non-HD Sky Plus boxes which causes difficulties with the recording and playback functionality.

There is nothing wrong with the Sky Plus boxes themselves in this regard. It is simply that Sky has downloaded a software update that is incompatible with them. It is only something they can fix with another software update but as they no longer support the non-HD Sky Plus boxes - and as it has now been going on for so long -  we don’t think they ever will.

You can read what Sky have to say about it here.

There are a couple of procedures that may resolve the problem very temporarily and you can find instructions for those here. In this order, try the Back Up procedure first, then the Planner Rebuild and then the Hard Drive Reset.

But the only real long term solution is to modernise your box and upgrade it to a new Sky Plus HD box. It doesn’t increase your subscriptions unless you want to subscribe to the extra Sky HD channels - and you will get the BBC HD channels for free.

You can contact Sky to get a new box, they are currently charging about £199, or members of our Priority Group can upgrade to a manufacturer refurbished box through us for just £65. Simply call your usual Just Digital, Systemguard or Digicare number.

Non-HD Sky Plus Boxes