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On Demand & Wi-Fi

Watching On-Demand programmes or otherwise downloading to your Sky box using a Wi-Fi connection doesn't always work very well.

A bold statement we know, but we get so many calls from our members having downloading problems via Wi-fi that we thought we should highlight it here.

One problem can be in getting your Sky box to communicate efficiently with your broadband router - especially if you are using an early Sky or other budget wireless connector plugged into your box.

Sky's new solution is another gadget they've brought out, called a Mini Connector - but they only work with version 4F31 boxes, so not many of us can use them without upgrading our HD receivers to the latest model.

The ideal thing would be to hardwire a network cable between your Sky HD box and router and not use Wi-fi at all. We may be able to help with that depending on your particular set up so please call us for more information.

Other On-Demand problems can be caused by your broadband providers' download speeds, bandwidth or allowances and we recommend you speak to them if you are having broadband issues.

It is also worth bearing in mind that downloading a programme in High Definition can take much longer than downloading it in Standard Definition.