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Your Sky satellite dish relies on a clear line of sight up to the transmitting satellite which is in geostationary orbit above the Earth.

Normal rain and cloud conditions cause very few problems, but extremely heavy rainfall (or snow) can cause a loss of viewing signal. This is not a problem with your system and the only remedy is to wait until the weather conditions ease off.

The wind also causes viewing signal loss. Your satellite dish is aligned exactly with the orbiting satellite which is over 25,000km above the Earth. If your satellite dish is just 1mm out of alignment down here, it will miss the satellite by miles.

Therefore, when a very strong blustery wind blows and shakes your satellite dish more than a usual amount, the signal can come and go, making watching  a program very difficult. Again, this is not a problem with your system and the only remedy is to wait until the wind conditions ease off.

Occasionally, of course, a very strong wind may actually alter the alignment of your dish and your signal stays gone even when the weather conditions have abated. In which case, you should call our members helpline for advice.

Weather Conditions